Audio Unit


F8 Audio Unit  v.1.0

F8 Audio Unit is a filter effect with a nearly limitless choice of settings to achieve a huge variety of sounds, from traditional sounding wah or tremolo sounds to complex gate-like effects.

F8-V2 Audio Unit  v.2.0

F8-V2 is an audio unit effect with 8 LFOs and 8 time-varying amplitude modulators.


M3 Audio Unit  v.1.1

M3 is an Audio Unit distortion plugin effect with two wave shapers, two parametric EQs, a delay and an envelope/MIDI controlled formant wah section.

XTrem Audio Unit  v.1.0

xTrem is a tremolo unit capable of a nice range of tremolo shapes.

HD Audio Unit  v.1.1

hD is a distortion effect with harmonic generators.

OttoPhilter Audio Unit  v.1.1

OttoPhilter is an auto/touch wah filter with LFO control and sub-octave generation and a second auto/touch wah filter on the sub-octave.

Audio Unit Converter  v.1.0

Audio Unit Converter.

Audio Unit Manager  v.2.0.4

With Audio Units and hosts multiplying practically daily, users with growing collections of both soon want to be able to specify subsets of Audio Units to be loaded with particular hosts.

SFX Machine Pro for Windows

SFX Machine Pro is a modular VST / Audio Unit audio effects plug-in. It comes with over 300 effects and lets users create their own effects from scratch. The plug-in provides Tempo Sync, which matches LFO frequencies and delay times to the host

ReSpatializer  v.1 1

ReSpatializer is an advanced panning, surround sound and spatialization plug-in for VST and Audio Unit formats. ReSpatializer supports up to eight input channels, each of which can be individually positioned.

SFX Machine RT for Macintosh  v.1 5

SFX Machine RT is a real-time version of the award-winning SFX Machine audio effects plug-in. It is now available in Audio Unit and VST formats for Mac OS X, and VST format for Mac OS 8 and 9. SFX Machine RT comes with hundreds of presets, including

Chromatic Tuner AU  v.1.3

Chromatic Tuner AU is an Audio Unit plug-in tuner for all insturments.

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